Izdani so podatki, ki pa jih posredujemo v originalu - v angleščini:

"Feralia Ademox, 67km2. Land inhabited with only a few survivors of the nuclear holocaust. Money is non-existent. Fuel and Water are the new true values. Land is split into:
- Feralia (bigger one, total chaos, no rules, everyone for himself, individuals defending their house, only land they have left)
- Ademox (army controlled region with peaceful community consisting of army families and rich individuals). Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage will survive.

Land is surrounded by toxic and radiactive water, so everyones dream is to fly away into better land and leave Feralia behind.

Dr. Karn Roseborg, self-proclaimed leader of Ademox and Feralia is an ex mercenary. Managed to land a transporter plane just a week ago. His troops called Rippers took control of the rich region of Ademox and is controling all of fuel depots but one. Why do they call them Rippers? They are ruthless army, nothing is sacred to them. They pillage, rape, burn. Kidnap women, steal good vehicles and bring them to Ademox through the Gates.

We heard just yesterday that Rippers are empyting their depots and rafineries and storing oil and water in their trucks. Trucks are our only means of survival and our ticket out of here. We need to secure them and bring them back to our base. Phase 1 of mission ends when all trucks are in the base or destroyed.

Phase 2: we got powerful enough (by selling fuel to locals and trading it for weapons and vehicles) to break through the Ademox Gates, guarded by Rippers. When gates are opened, we can eliminate Karn Roseberg and take over the Ademox region with Town of Rockley where rich are living along with Ripper soldier families.

But most importantly, capture the plane - our only ticket out of here, fill it with fuel to cross the deadly ocean and find the land that we all dream about - we call it Tommorowland."

FACTIONS (3 Sides to Play)
1.MFP (Main Force Patrol). Ex cops that realized that keeping peace has become futile as the true evil are Rippers, powerful army. Their leader grabs a shotgun, rest take pistols, fill their patrol cars with last gas remaining and go out to attack Ripper Camps marked on map. Leader can fight Raiders (bandits) or team up with them against Rippers.

2. Raiders. Bandits and guys who lost their families now roam the land and seek resources in order to live. They will do the same as MFP - try to attack Ripper camps.

3. Rippers - Zeus (Karn). They are mainly inactive, but when their oil depots are hit they send out reinforcements. They also patrol Feralia and neutralize any threat. Extremely well armed, armored. Mercenaries with multiple combat experiences. Their absolute priority is to defend Ademox and population of Rockley. Not to mention their HQ: Airbase. People heard they brought in new helicopters in order to control the Feralia.

4. Crazies (NPCs). Local folks that will shoot and ask questions later. They roam the island or protect their piece of land.

Published 1 May 2020